Annex 1 - Purpose, nature and scope of data processing, type of data and categories of data subjects

Purpose of the data processing

Operation of no-code AI- and RPA-based configuration software with the aim that the user creates their own workflows to create data or process and extract or interact with data from a system, website, document, excel or file and to transfer this data to another target system, as well as training of AI algorithms. Data transfer happens via API, database and robotic process automation within the user interface.

Type and scope of data processing

– Conversion – Linking, organization and ordering – Readout and adjustment

Type of applications operated: Self-operated web-based software solution (“Software-as-a-Service”) and applications of contract processors as defined in Annex 2. Place of data processing: Germany or EEA (according to Annex 2) or locally on premise on Customer’s servers.

Type of data

– Surnames and first names – Company affiliation – Contact information (address, phone number, e-mail) – Further data that the Customer uses when she/he configures their workflows

Categories of data subjects

– End customers and other contacts (e.g. interested parties) of the Customer – Employees of end Customers and other contacts of the Customer – Employees of the Customer

Authorized persons and contact persons of the Customer

According to order form/offer

Recipients of instructions of the Contractor

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